Idunn mead with apple, turmeric and cinnamon, 33cl

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Apple, turmeric and cinnamon mead. 33cl bottle

In this variety of Asgard Mead, we refer to Norse mythology and one of its Goddesses, Idunn.

The prosaic Eddas tell that Idunn possessed the apples that granted eternal youth and the Gods came to her to obtain such precious food.



Mead Asgard was born after more than ten years of experimentation and tasting of meads from all over the world.

We make mead with our own recipe, so you won't be able to find the same flavor in any other brand.

Our mead is cooked with high quality products and without the use of preservative or clarifying additives, etc.

We want to be faithful to the authenticity of our mead, using national beekeeper honeys and local mineral water.

The Idunn variety is mead fermented with apple, as well as turmeric and cinnamon, which provides a very special flavor with an alcohol volume of 7%

Perfect to drink very cool on any occasion, the 33cl bottle presentation is ideal for individual consumption.

But do you know what mead is?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from natural products such as water, honey, pollen, fruits, spices, ...

Thanks to the fermentation, the sugars in the honey are transformed obtaining an alcohol content that can vary depending on the fermentation time.

Mead is considered the oldest alcoholic beverage of mankind and has been consumed since ancient times.

In the Middle Ages, it was still consumed in large quantities and we can see it reflected in many films, series, novels, inspired by this time as its main concoction was mead.

We can also see its importance in Norse mythology, where it has a very important role as it is Odin's only food and takes center stage in many of the myths.

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